Elect offers a huge range of services–from graphic design and scanning to complex long run jobs and beautiful finishings. Elect can handle your print and design job from start to finish to deliver a product of absolute quality that’s made with care by a passionate team. Please read the list of all our services below. When you’ve decided Elect is right for you (and we’re pretty confident you will) then head on over to our online quote page.

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Stitching, Binding, Wrapping. Whatever you need to get your publication to the finishing line. Our full list of finishing services includes: Perfect Binding, Stitching, Pur Binding, Collating, Folding, Wire Binding, Coil Binding, Scoring & Stapling, and Shrink Wrapping.


From spot varnish, embossing, die cutting, to good old hole-punching and stapling – we can help give your printed design that final touch that takes it from great to awesome. Our full list of embellishments includes: Spot Varnish, Embossing, Die cutting, Hole Punching, and Stapling.

Digital Printing

Elect employ the latest in digital printing technologies for our short-run jobs – think brochures/flyers, reports, magazines & posters. Digital short run allows us to produce a high-quality product in a short time-frame at a great price.

Offset Printing

For our long-run jobs we use a traditional offset process. Offset printing increases the range of materials available to print with leading to a more refined, premium look and feel. This is perfect for items like coffee table books, art prints and other specialty items.


Perfect Binding, Pur Binding, Stitching, Collating, Folding, Wire Binding, Coil Binding, Shrink Wrapping, Scoring / drilling /stapling


Graphic Design, Scanning, Wide Format Printing, File Preparation

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